Why business and the art of selling go hand in hand

Any successful entrepreneur knows that being able to sell is an essential part of being in business. You can have the greatest idea or new product innovation, but if you can’t sell it to a customer or investor, then it will never be anything but a concept. How many times do you hear aspirant entrepreneurs telling you they have a great business idea, but it never gets past the talking stage because they can’t close the sales pitch. As entrepreneurs we know how important it is to get people to take notice of our business, our brands, our products and services, and that means we have to connect with them, to inspire them, to motivate them to buy - that’s selling! Let’s be honest, if you are a startup you have to sell from the time you launch your business idea, it’s how you get out of the starting block. If you are launching a new product or service, particularly if it’s a new and innovative concept, then you have to be able to persuade potential customers and investors to take a look. And, if you need to raise capital for your business, then you have to be able to sell your business concept to investors who will need to be convinced of the viability of your business. If you are still one of those people that say they are no good at sales, or just hate the sales process, then work with specialist sales people who can get the job done for you. Ultimately, business and the art of selling go hand in hand - it’s not a nice to have, it’s a necessity.