There’s nowhere to hide in business as an entrepreneur

Perhaps one of the most noticeable differences between corporate executives and entrepreneurs is that in business, there really is nowhere to hide when you are an entrepreneur, particularly in a startup. Every strategic and operational decision made is down to you; the responsibility for employees; all aspects of the day to day running of the business; innovation and product development; all starts and ends with you, the entrepreneur. This could sound daunting - however, there are so many benefits to being a ’present’, hands-on entrepreneur in the business. Smaller “entrepreneurial” firms have fewer rules documented, an absence of politics, and the world to gain. Talent coming into the business can be developed and nurtured on a personal level in order to grow as the business grows. Innovation can be given the chance to emerge from a workforce, led by the founding entrepreneur who innovates by example, with the resulting dynamic environment being created for all to enjoy. The outcome is a constantly developing business that has strong and inspirational leadership, but with a hands-on approach to steering its future journey. So maybe having nowhere to hide as an entrepreneur, and being ever present, can only be a good thing.