Be prepared to learn from other women who have achieved business success

Take a look at some of the most successful women entrepreneurs in Africa and they share a number of traits which have undoubtedly contributed to their achievements in business over the years. We need to be open to constantly learning from these women who are making it in the competitive world of business and brand building, so this morning we are sharing some of the traits that differentiate them from the pack. Firstly, they tend to be ambitious and have clear goals they are aiming for in their businesses - this helps to keep them focused and on track. Secondly, they have a clear vision which permeates every aspect of their businesses and in particular helps their employees and customers to engage with their brands. Thirdly, they are innovators prepared to constantly think ‘out of the box’ and to create new and exciting products, services or ways of doing things. And finally, they have the ability to turn a challenge into an opportunity, a great attribute to have given the twists and turns that will inevitably happen along the way to building successful businesses.