Social entrepreneurship is disrupting the traditional status quo according to new poll

The Thomson Reuters Foundation has teamed up with Deutsche Bank, UnLtd and the Global Social Entrepreneurship Network to conduct the world’s first experts’ poll on the best countries for social entrepreneurs. Perhaps not surprisingly, the US sits at the number 1 spot. The poll shows that women globally are embracing social entrepreneurship, not just because of a strong desire to impact people’s lives rather than focusing solely on profit, but also because it represents a level playing field for women. Gender bias has almost disappeared when it comes to using enterprise for social good. Social entrepreneurship is disrupting the traditional status quo, fostering innovation, and developing sustainable business ideas to solve the world’s most pressing social problems. These social entrepreneurs see success not just through financial returns, but also in terms of social impact. The ultimate business goal? To set up successful companies that improve the lives of underserved and marginalized communities. It’s not just about the balance sheet, but it’s not charity either. Monique Villa, CEO of the Thomson Reuters Foundation said: “At a time when the world faces unprecedented challenges we can only benefit from the courage and the ideas of these change-makers. Just imagine what could be achieved if they were encouraged to tackle global issues such as climate change or the refugee crisis. Now more than ever society at large needs a different point of view; social entrepreneurs might just be our best answer.” We couldn’t agree more.