The importance of creating the right culture in your business

As an entrepreneur, one of the major challenges in business is knowing when to bring other people in, and then finding the right people to fit the culture of the company you have created. After all, it’s your baby and you want to find people that can continue on your business journey with you, sharing your vision, buying into the culture you have created and contributing to the company way of doing things. Leading global management consultant and author, Peter Drucker, has some interesting insights on this subject. He says: ‘culture eats strategy for breakfast,’ believing that you can develop what you think is the best business strategy in the world but if you don’t create the right culture in the business with the right people who fit in, it’s hard to make things work. The notion of creating a specific business culture may seem like a nebulous concept, and perhaps hard to get right, but when it comes to hiring people it’s often better in the long run to make sure that there is a business culture fit from the start.