Get a life - how to find a balance between business and a personal life

If your friends and family have ever used the phrase ‘get a life’ when talking to you about the amount of hours you put into launching and growing your business as an entrepreneur, then this morning’s Edit Daily is for you (and me, because I’m great at giving advice, but terrible at taking it myself!). Here are some great tips from several Silicon Valley entrepreneurs who have somehow managed to try and balance a personal life with building a business. 

  1. Know the difference between what is urgent and what is actually important to the business and focus your time and efforts on what will move it forward. The rest can wait.
  2. It’s a marathon being an entrepreneur, and the trick to working more efficiently is knowing what it takes to maintain your peak physical and mental abilities over long stretches of time - optimise your time within those peak periods, you’ll get more done.
  3. Set boundaries for yourself on your work hours and leave time for yourself, friends and family.
  4. Make more efficient use of the time you have and learn to work smarter by streamlining and automating routine tasks.
  5. Set your own pace for building your business and try not to give in to pressure to build it as fast as possible, which might be unsustainable in the long run.
  6. Don’t lose sight of why you became an entrepreneur in the first place and reconnect with the original buzz you get from building a successful business.