The power of mobile content marketing to reach millennial audiences

There’s no doubt about it, millennials are the most mobile, engaged and socially networked segment of the population, and that makes for interesting challenges when it comes to reaching them from a business marketing perspective. Traditional advertising doesn’t work for them, in fact they are fairly sceptical of the well-worn, conventional approaches to selling them products and services. As a truly mobile generation that is permanently connected simultaneously to a range of mobile devices, content marketing becomes an effective means of engaging in conversation with millennials and getting their attention. As entrepreneurs trying to tap into this increasingly influential market segment, this means getting a whole lot more creative in the type of information you put out there to reach them. It’s about entertaining, informing, engaging in conversation and presenting content in a highly visual way. Just look at the rapid growth of platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat, both highly visual, personal and connected. So when it comes to marketing your products and services to millennials, think mobile.