Mobile shopping in Africa represents an exciting opportunity for women entrepreneurs

There is much talk globally about the power of mobile in Africa and the size of the marketplace for entrepreneurs who want to tap into potential new consumers via their mobile phones. So, here are some interesting new statistics to consider. The online payment company, PayPal, which is the most used payment option for cross-border shoppers with an estimated 55% of all overseas online purchases in the past 12 months done through PayPal, has ranked Nigeria as the 3rd highest mobile shopper nation worldwide. Nigerian mobile shoppers spent $610 million via PayPal in 2015, and are on course to spend $819 million this year - that’s some serious spending power. China remains the leader in terms of mobile shopping having 86% of all online shoppers using their smartphones. India comes second with 82% and Nigeria comes third with 72%. As more people get smart mobile devices in Nigeria and Africa as a whole, that means potentially more mobile shoppers are expected, and that’s a huge marketing and sales opportunity for women entrepreneurs here in Africa to tap into.