Why having a ‘side hustle’ could provide an entrepreneurial ‘toe in the water’

Talking to many women in the corporate world who are toying with the idea of fulfilling their entrepreneurial dreams but are scared to leave the security of their current job to take the plunge, there is no doubt it’s a very scary proposition. And, let’s be honest, it’s not one that everyone can afford to take. So perhaps the most pragmatic approach to take, and many would-be women entrepreneurs around the world have done exactly this, is to put a toe in the water by building a business whilst they are still employed. It’s particularly common amongst millennials who have branded the term ‘side hustle’ as part of their day to day existence - in fact, google ‘side hustle’ and you will literally read thousands of stories of millennials who are out there creating businesses, products, apps, all manner of things, whilst at the same time working a day job. So, if you are one of those people who are not quite sure if they are ready to make the full-on leap into the world of entrepreneurship, then consider launching your business whilst you are still working. It could be the solution for all those passionate, creative working professionals who long to start their own business whilst keeping the security of their current job.