The power of ‘bespoke' for Africa’s women entrepreneurs creating luxury products

Mention the word ‘bespoke’ and it immediately conjures up images of personalised luxury products, created with the personality of the wearer or user in mind, produced in small quantities and using the finest ingredients. I was reminded of this last evening when I was treated to a luxury perfume blending experience, and given the opportunity to create my own signature fragrance. It reminded me of a recent interview I read with the incredibly talented Tammy Frazer, a proudly African luxury perfumier and founder of Frazer Parfum, based in Cape Town, South Africa. Speaking about the notion of bespoke in the context of the world of perfumery, and explaining exactly what a bespoke perfume is, she said: ’It is a unique, signature scent designed for an individual, and based on in-depth consultation and learning. The bespoke journey is a series of private consultations charting the client’s scent history and influences, and exploring the true essence of both frequently used and rare botanicals.” As the world becomes increasingly more aware of, and interested in, AfroLuxe products, proudly produced on the continent, the market for producing bespoke luxury products for individual clients that reflect their personalities, will surely also grow.