Intergenerational experience is the new competitive advantage in entrepreneurship

What do you get if you combine the ‘out of the box’ thinking and innovative ways of doing things of a millennial entrepreneur (18 to 35), with the vast experience of an encore entrepreneur (50+)? You potentially get a new business or product being launched that has a new competitive advantage in the marketplace. It appears that this whole movement towards creating collaborative communities (look at any great business incubator, innovation lab or tech hub), has unearthed an interesting dynamic. If you harness the wisdom, skills and life/work experience of older people and combine them with the energy driven, tech-savvy millennials in the spirit of mutually beneficial collaboration, you build better startups, businesses, and entire societies. Intergenerational experience is the new competitive advantage, something to remember when you are out there looking for the perfect partner to create the next game-changing business success story.