Africa’s growing millennial population represents an exciting market

The rest of the world is waking up rapidly to something we already know - Africa represents one of the most exciting marketplaces right now, particularly when it comes to reaching millennials. Four out of ten of the fastest growing global economies over the past year can be found in Africa. The continent’s population of 1.1 billion is set to grow to 2.3 billion by 2050, and it’s getting younger, with 50% being 19 years or younger. These statistics point to vast marketing opportunities for companies and brands that are looking to make their mark and tap into an increasingly important and influential consumer base. On the flip-side, it is also a great opportunity for these optimistic, ambitious, creative young millennials to start entrepreneurial ventures of their own, producing new and exciting tech solutions to challenges they know all too well on the ground, or designing and producing new products that are African centric but with a global approach. Something else to be explored is the opportunity for collaboration between these independent, free-thinking African millennials and their global counterparts, after all increased connectivity brings the world a whole lot closer and makes collaboration a much more exciting prospect.