Tapping into a new generation of conscious consumers

There is an interesting trend emerging globally right now that could mean good news for Africa’s women entrepreneurs who are creating new and exciting products inspired by the wealth of natural resources on the continent. It appears that Natural is back in vogue -  health and environmentally conscious consumers are beginning to reject the cynically mass produced, environmentally harmful, manufacturing processes that appear increasingly toxic and damaging to health, instead turning toward natural products as a solution. Raised on digital culture, this new generation of conscious consumers no longer see nature and technology as mutually exclusive, and are combining the best aspects of both to build New Natural lifestyles. They seek products that have an ethical footprint and are gentle on the environment, particularly those that also have a socially impactful backstory. Current product trends include natural waterless washing products that use less water and detergent; natural beauty products that are ethically sound and which harness the natural properties of indigenous plants and other natural ingredients; farm to face products which have an ethically and environmentally friendly provenance; bio-cleansing products that are toxin and synthetic ingredient free; bio-packaging inspired by nature; and natural feminine care which embrace natural alternatives to menstruation management. This increasing trend towards New Natural lifestyles opens up opportunities for Africa’s women entrepreneurs producing high quality, ethical and environmentally friendly natural products.