Africa’s young women entrepreneurs could help to lead a new digital revolution on the continent

The World Economic Forum is taking place right now in Kigali, Rwanda and amongst the topics on the packed agenda is a discussion on the digital revolution underway on the African continent. Technology is playing an increasingly significant role in Africa’s emergence as an important player in the global economy. In a recently published research report ‘The Next Africa’ by Aubrey Hruby and Jake Bright, it highlights the existence of roughly 200 African innovation hubs, 3,500 new tech related ventures, and $1 billion in venture capital to a pan-African movement of start-up entrepreneurs. While new technologies might be the driving force behind the digital revolution, it is Africa’s most important resource, its people, who can determine the direction it will take. Take for example brilliant young minds such as Ory Okolloh and Juliana Rotich, two Kenyan women digital activists behind Ushahidi, a crisis-mapping tool, which is making waves globally. If Africa is to make the most of the opportunities offered by this digital revolution, it needs more bold, innovative women tech entrepreneurs just like them to make their mark too.