Why midlife can be a great time to become an entrepreneur

I read a great article in the UK’s Daily Mail yesterday that really resonated with me, as a fifty-something social entrepreneur myself. It was talking about how midlife can be a really exciting time to start a business for women. And, women who start businesses after they've become mothers are more common than you'd imagine. The average age of female entrepreneurs in Britain for example is 48, and the latest figures from the Office of National Statistics show the 'mum economy' - businesses run by women with children under the age of 19 - contributed £7.2 billion to the nation's economy last year, supporting 204,000 jobs. But this shouldn’t really come as a surprise. Launching a business later in life makes complete sense - you have a wealth of fine tuned skills gained over years of corporate experience, you have an extensive business contact book, you have much more time to focus on building a business, and the chances are you have a renewed passion for making a difference in the world. So, this morning at Lionesses of Africa, we are celebrating all those women entrepreneurs on the continent who are experiencing the excitement of building businesses, brands and social enterprises in their 40s and 50s.