The business of the future – goodbye, 9-5

An interesting new piece of research caught our eye this morning, published by UC EXPO, probably because it confirmed something we already know as entrepreneurs. Over two-thirds (68%) of office based workers believe that new collaboration and remote working technologies will eventually substitute traditional office working. Just look at the UK where 29% of employees now work flexible hours, so it seems that the traditional 9-5 business is declining rapidly. So what’s the reason? Well, according to UC EXPO’s research, the answer lies with a growing workforce of digital natives, not to mention multiple obstacles such as travel chaos on the roads and longer, more expensive commute times just to get into the office. It’s therefore not surprising that people want a more flexible approach to their work. Perhaps the biggest take-out from the research is that today, smart businesses can harness the power of unified communications and collaboration technologies to connect staff globally better than ever before, and as a result, reap huge business benefits. So, goodbye 9-5!