How to cope when your entrepreneurial journey gets thrown a curve-ball

Talk to any entrepreneur and they will tell you that the journey is not easy, and there are times when life throws you a real curve-ball. At times like these, it’s all too easy to become self critical and to spend too much time agonising over all the things that are wrong. But focusing on perceived personal failure, putting yourself down and looking at all your weaknesses is not the way to go at tough times like these. Instead, you need even more to believe in yourself and your abilities, boost your self esteem, and subdue your vocal self critic. Emotional balance is what you need during these challenging times, so here are a few steps to take to give your self compassion a boost when you most need it.

  1. Dismiss the negative thoughts. Remind yourself that everyone experiences difficulties and setbacks on their entrepreneurial journey. Instead of beating yourself up emotionally, dismiss those negative thoughts and focus on learning from your mistakes.
  2. Be kind to yourself. Remember that you are your own best friend at times like these, so be more forgiving and accepting of the challenges you are going through.
  3. Adopt more positive self-talk. Each day, you need to reaffirm your strengths, skills, talents, achievements and potential, and give yourself positive reinforcement and motivation to keep you going.
  4. Put a plan together to solve those problems. It’s better to tackle a problem head on and find practical solutions by breaking it down into small steps and putting an action plan together for each of those steps. It makes it much easier to cope with.
  5. Set realistic goals. Often entrepreneurs strive for perfection, but this can lead to unattainable goals that cause even greater stress when they can’t be reached. So, set goals that are high, yet at the same time realistic, flexible and tangible.