It’s never too late to become an entrepreneur

There are many women out there that have a business startup idea but have never taken the first steps to making it a reality. The reasons are perhaps obvious - they put building a corporate career first, or they take the decision to raise children and build a family and put their entrepreneurial ambitions on the back-burner, or it’s simply too scary a prospect to take the leap and become an entrepreneur.  But the fact is, it’s never too late to launch that dream business or turn that initial startup idea into a tangible business, product or innovation, and become an entrepreneur. Did you know that many highly successful women entrepreneurs came to the party later in life? For example, Ariana Huffington founded the Huffington Post only when she was 55. Mega successful author and entrepreneur, Martha Stewart found real success with the publication of her first book at the age of 41. Carol Gardner, founder of the US multi-million dollar greeting card company, Zelda Wisdom, started on her entrepreneurial journey when she was 52, newly divorced and broke. So the bottom line is that it's never too late to become an entrepreneur - you simply have to follow your dream and have the determination to make it a reality - there is no age limit to being an entrepreneur.