Women building ‘higher purpose brands’ do well in business and do good in the world

There’s a lot of discussion right now about the impact being made by Africa’s women entrepreneurs who are building successful ‘higher purpose’ brands that manage to do well in business whilst at the same doing good in the world. But, what is the secret to their success? Well, they have great ideas to start with! They are also inspiring and touching people emotionally through the development of creative products that have powerful brand appeal. Their brands and products are not only uniquely African, which resonates with customers who are looking to make a global connection, but they are also sustainable and ethical. They could be Fair Trade-certified, they believe in using sustainable and locally sourced raw materials, they invest in local skills development, and they are committed to ethical labour practices. Intrinsically, they believe in the power of social good - companies investing back in the development of people and communities.  And, they can tell a great story, one that connects at an emotional level with customers. As a result, Africa’s women entrepreneurs today are developing companies and brands that articulate and activate a higher brand ideal and purpose, and are being rewarded with especially high rates of growth.