Lose the elevator pitch, it’s now all about the tweet pitch

Do you remember the days when every entrepreneur was told to get their 30-second “elevator pitch” ready for the opportunity to pitch a business idea or a concept to a potential buyer, investor or collaborative partner? Well, today things have changed. With the fast paced world of social media driving our brand exposure and our connectivity with the outside world of influencers, movers and shakers, it’s all about the “tweet pitch.” This morning we should be asking ourselves if we have that perfect, attention grabbing, 140-character, one-line “tweet pitch” at the ready. The tweet pitch gives you just three seconds to make a first impression, to entice the audience to bother to read the next paragraph, or to click to see the details. Not enough of these one-liners make an impression, but as entrepreneurs keen to make an impact, we need to make sure that ours do! So, what are you waiting for, go out and perfect your “tweet pitch.”