The art of seeing ‘no’ as an opportunity not a negative

How often as entrepreneurs do we hear the word ‘no’ in our daily business lives? It could be a potential client saying ‘no’ to our business pitch; or a would-be investor turning down the opportunity to make an investment in our company; or a possible collaborator saying ‘no’ to a great idea we have for a new product development project. As entrepreneurs, we perhaps hear the word ‘no’ more than we hear ‘yes’ each day. But the trick is not simply to develop a thick skin and never take the ‘nos’ personally, but also to see each no as an opportunity instead. I read a great quote this morning by Kelly Hoey, the well-known entrepreneur, angel investor and strategist, who captures this idea. She says: “A no is the water that causes big ideas to grow.” What a wonderful way of turning a negative into a positive!