The art of stopping procrastination hampering our productivity

At some point, given the busy lives we all lead, the chances are we all knowing what we should be doing to maximize our productivity each day, but we can’t help putting things off. We tell ourselves we can do it later, tomorrow, next week, and we add it to our ever growing ‘to do’ list - but the problem is the list keeps getting longer and some things just never get done. The fact is that procrastination is a real productivity killer, and to be successful, we need to be as productive as we can during the time we allocate each day to our businesses. Instead of creating ‘to do’ lists that never actually get done because we simply tick off a few easy quick wins from the list and never get around to doing the tough stuff, we should instead start tackling the important and difficult tasks first. By taking this approach, we are being super productive, we are learning the art of prioritisation, we are freeing up both time and mind space to allow us to concentrate on doing the things that will have the biggest impact. So, if you want to become super productive, stop procrastinating and just get the ‘to do’ list done!