Don’t let your fears stop you from becoming an entrepreneur

At Lionesses of Africa, we often hear aspirant women entrepreneurs talking about their ideas for starting a new business. But at the same time, we also hear them sharing their fears about taking the leap of faith to turn those ideas into reality. Often they hesitate to make that leap, thinking that perhaps the time is not perfect, or the market conditions not optimal. The fact is that it’s often more a case of fear taking over, controlling the decision-making process, and creating doubt and crises of confidence. The reality is that fear does indeed have a place in our lives, but we must never let fear shape our destinies. Instead, taking the leap towards becoming an entrepreneur requires courage, faith, huge amounts of passion, tenacity, and above all, confidence. If you wait for the ‘so called’ perfect moment, the chances are it will never come, or someone else with a similar idea to yours will beat you to the post. So what are you waiting for? Summon up your courage, push your fears to the side, do your homework, and take the plunge. Your entrepreneurial journey starts now.