Tech is empowering Africa's women entrepreneurs to give their businesses wings

There was a time when thinking big, or even thinking global, for a small business in Africa was not an option without the limitless tools and resources to back it up. But today, the tech revolution means that everyone has access to world-class tools, platforms, apps and so much more to really give wings to any business, no matter how small. Just go online at any time and see the plethora of tools that are available for start-ups and small businesses, many of them free and created by startups themselves, looking to become the next big thing in the tech space. Harnessing the power of technology as a startup means that you can be based anywhere but still do business and reach those important customers and audiences, 24/7. That’s what is a real game-changer for women entrepreneurs in Africa - the ability to launch a business, connect with customers and audiences online, build digital communities of people that love your products and services and connect with your brand, regardless of your geographical location. Technology has brought the world closer and for Africa’s women entrepreneurs it really does mean their businesses can grow wings and take off.