Getting the right people on the bus

We all know the saying that a business is only as good as its people, and the bottom line is that people make up one of the biggest investments, both financially and emotionally, an entrepreneur makes in a business. Sometimes getting “the right people on the bus” can be the hardest part about launching a new venture. It all seems so easy when you start out as a solopreneur or with one or two co-founders, all focused on the same goal and all determined to make the business idea a success. But when that growth spurt happens, and you suddenly need to bring other people on board, then suddenly you’re trying to get everyone driving in the same direction toward the same goal. The trick is to hire competently and manage proficiently in order to move your business to that next level of growth. It isn’t easy, but by creating solid hiring processes and developing effective people management systems, you can build a productive and engaged workforce.