4 steps to achieving meaningful growth

I read an interesting piece of advice this weekend written by Meenal Balar, Facebook’s early growth leader and now the VP of Marketing at Remind in the US, who said startup growth isn’t just about customer acquisition — in fact, that's just the first of four, multi-dimensional steps to real, meaningful expansion. Here are Meenal’s 4 steps to think about when looking for real progression in your business. Firstly, Acquisition - it’s largely about understanding how your potential customers discover and share new things, and mapping your product tactics to match the specific behavior you want to tap into. Secondly, Activation - this means understanding why people like your product, why they come back a second or third time, and then capturing all those attributes to retain even more customers. Thirdly, Engagement - the more customers you activate, the more you can engage them and that's when things really start to take off. Fourthly, virality - understanding how you can get your engaged customers to start talking about you to others and getting the messages about your company and products to go viral. It all makes common sense, but sometimes creating a step by step process to help us reach our goals, just makes it easier to get there.