Entrepreneurship and the art of juggling

You know the feeling - the one where you are so excited about the work you are doing and the business you are building, that your excitement spills over into other project areas, until you find yourself juggling a whole load of balls, trying to keep them all in the air. It is a challenge confronting literally thousands of women entrepreneurs across the globe. Now, don't get me wrong - taking your passion and seeing where it can take you on your entrepreneurial journey is a good thing, but you can't afford to drop the ball during this time. It sends the wrong message to all those around you. So, remember to get the balance right and don't stretch yourself and your precious resources to breaking point. Focus on 2 to 3 projects, instead of chasing 20 possibilities. Remember, juggling is a skill, and so is the ability to recognise and appreciate the projects that matter most to you, and dedicate yourself to those goals as a priority.