Hard Work Pays Off

So, what exactly does it take to be a successful female entrepreneur? This is a question asked by KPMG in its recent survey Women Entrepreneurs: Passion, Purpose and Perseverance, which polled 200 female entrepreneurs from Inc. 5000 companies. Some of the findings were really interesting and help to shed some light on what key factors propel women’s success in their businesses. The majority of those surveyed, (67 percent), say working hard is the #1 trait that helps them navigate the inevitable bumps in the road of being entrepreneurs. Also high on the list: the ability to persevere when times get tough (65 percent) and a willingness to take risks (64 percent). Whatever challenges they encounter, successful female entrepreneurs push on, roll their sleeves up, and just work really hard to achieve their vision and goals for their businesses. So, hard work really does pay off.