Putting Africa’s women entrepreneurs on the map

Today, we are exactly one week away from the 2nd global Women’s Entrepreneurship Day, an important day in the calendar when the world sits up and takes notice of women entrepreneurs and the businesses and brands they are building. It is the perfect opportunity to get people talking about how women entrepreneurs on the African continent are changing the face of business and making a real impact on the lives and communities in the countries they serve. We have such a good story to tell here in Africa - we are now half way through what has been designated as the Decade of the African Woman Entrepreneur and we can see a new and exciting generation of women entrepreneurs emerging, representing every sector of business and industry. These bright and ambitious women are not only keenly focused on building great companies, but they have a deep social conscience and are committed to contributing to the future wellbeing and development of the communities and countries they come from. As global consumers, we can all play our part in supporting these amazing African women entrepreneurs and the brands they are building, and where possible make conscious buying decisions that create a real and lasting impact.