Think big, start small, move fast

Thinking big, starting small, and moving fast, has long been a guiding principle for entrepreneurial ventures who are looking for long-term success. And let’s be honest, thinking big and having big dreams are traits that every entrepreneur shares in those early startup years. However, it is also important to recognise that by starting out small, it is possible to keep overheads to a minumum whilst building the business, and getting the risk balance right. By being lean and agile at this early stage, it is easier to move fast and get those products and service out to market speedier than your competitors, getting your market share of your chosen business sector early and ensuring your share of voice in the brand space. But the same principle also holds true for successful entrepreneurial ecosystems. Any good ecosystem should enable the connectivity that these young businesses need for early success, and then clear the runway for their future and speedy growth.