Let passion be your compass

There was a great article this month in the Huffington Post, written by Lindsey Nefesh-Clarke, Founder & Managing Director of W4 (Women's WorldWide Web), a crowdfunding platform dedicated to girls' and women's empowerment. She sent a message to aspiring entrepreneurs that resonated with us here at Lionesses of Africa - she said: “Let Passion Be Your Compass”. This is a great message for all those women entrepreneurs in Africa who are doing something that they love and building a business and a brand using that passion as the foundation for success. It is good to remember this passion for what you do on those difficult days - when there are intimidating challenges to be overcome, tough decisions to make, hard times to get through, and when it seems impossible to feel any more exhausted or stressed than you do now. Her advice is to trust your intuition, remember your passion, and it will guide you through the bleakest moments. Good advice!