Delivering the perfect elevator pitch

You never know when you are going to meet someone who could be key to your business success, so having the perfect elevator pitch ready is a must. In essence, your elevator pitch is the act of describing your business plan or concept to another person, in a very short amount of time (generally 30 seconds to 2 minutes). So, imagine that you’re standing next to somebody very important in an elevator and your only chance to pitch to them is right before they exit the elevator. Here are some tips for delivering that perfect elevator pitch. Pick an interesting hook to get their attention. Maintain clarity in your speech and above all, maintain eye-contact. Deliver your pitch like a story and spark their interest. Be ready for questions and have all the answers good to go. Use proper language, but don’t over-complicate things! Final word - deliver your elevator pitch with confidence and passion for what you are doing - after all, people do business with people, so they need to engage with you personally. It's well worth practicing the perfect pitch now for when that opportunity arises!