Why investing with a gender lens benefits everyone

Today, many successful organizations and smart global leaders are using the technique of investing in women as a strategy to address pressing issues across communities. And here in Africa, what they have realised is that, through such investment, women aren't the only ones who benefit. Oprah Winfrey has already found that “dedicating resources to a single woman has a ripple effect on her entire community.” In fact, according to “Women, Wealth and Impact: Investing with a Gender Lens (2015),” a report put out by Veris Wealth Partners, the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization estimates that if women received resources (credit, land, information, training, seeds, and fertilizer) on par with men, the additional yield could reduce the number of undernourished people by 100-150 million. Investment with a gender lens benefits all of us, from investors looking for positive financial returns, to the men and children who live in the same communities as the women receiving the investment capital.