Co-founder of SummerTime

Raksha Mahabeer, or ‘The Beat’ as she is known, is a proudly South African entrepreneur, she co-owns SummerTime, a vibrant creative studio specialising in design, branding and marketing. She is a connector, a communicator, a purpose-driven, inspired inspirer! She prides herself in partnering with SME’s in establishing new South African brands with a view to create jobs in South Africa. She describes herself as a finger-tapping, drum-beating, music-making, cloud-watching, pixie-prancing, tree-hugging, fire-walking, soul-dancing, Yoda-quoting, oneness-embracing, effervescent, hippie-at-heart! Her guiding philosophies – ‘Be Yourself For A Living’, ‘Lead With Love’, ‘Live Your Best Live’ and ‘Walk Life With A Vision’



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