First quarter of the year is already over. It’s time to evaluate progress.

Can you believe it, the first quarter of the year is already over. Is it my imagination or did it go by particularly quickly this year? It’s an urgent reminder to revisit the business strategy for the year; to look at the targets we set and evaluate where progress is being made, and where possible remedial action may need to be taken to ensure those all important goals are reached. Often we get caught up in the day to day business grind, and we perhaps don’t revisit the bigger picture for our business often enough. So as we hurtle purposefully into the second quarter of the year, it could be a good idea to set daily or weekly target reviews to stay on track. Electronic reminders at the end of each day are a great way to keep us focused firmly on those goals and not distracted by the everyday challenges that inevitably creep into our productivity.

Have yourself an inspired entrepreneurial day! - Melanie