Africa can benefit hugely from the Diaspora’s entrepreneur smarts

Happy International Women's Day!

When I travel around the African continent visiting our Lionesses communities in each country, I often speak about how women entrepreneurs can leverage the power of the network to open up business and collaborative opportunities in different countries. But just looking at our Lionesses of Africa network and seeing the increasingly large numbers of users in countries and cities around the world, it becomes clear that women entrepreneurs in the Diaspora are committed to contributing to the continent’s success. And there is an important role they can play. Meeting and talking to many highly experienced and knowledgeable women from the African Diaspora has opened up opportunities for collaboration, for business, for investment and mentoring. Such connections emphasize the important role women entrepreneurs in the African Diaspora can play in bringing their global business smarts to the table and helping to shape the future of the continent through great collaboration, business building, and information sharing. That's why we are delighted to be in London this morning for our first Lioness Lean In event in the city, showcasing these amazing women business builders.

Have yourself an inspired entrepreneurial day! - Melanie