Lionesses of Africa is a published celebration of women's entrepreneurship on the African continent.  It features some of the most inspirational women entrepreneurs from countries across the length and breadth of Africa, each with a unique story to tell and experiences to share with other 'up and coming' young women entrepreneurs who aspire to be them someday.

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Some of these 'lionesses' are well known, instantly recognisable names and brands in the world of business, industry and social entrepreneurship in Africa.  Others may not be household names yet, but are equally an inspiration due to their stories, their tenacity, their imagination, their triumph over adversity and their entrepreneurial success that has earned them accolades both at home and abroad.  

Lionesses of Africa is being written to recognise and applaud each of these women entrepreneurs on the continent, to celebrate their achievements, and to inspire new generations of young women entrepreneurs in Africa who will follow in their footsteps.  

The Book Highlights

Lionesses of Africa features a series of fascinating and highly personal interviews with some of Africa's leading and most successful women entrepreneurs, from South Africa to Uganda, and Nigeria to Sudan. Each 'lioness' has a unique story to tell about their personal journey to the top, whether in business or in the field of social entrepreneurship.  Often told with great humour but always engaging, each story is unique, insightful, and will remain in the memory, providing a source of inspiration long after the last page has been turned.