Entrepreneurship is like sports, winning solves everything

You know that feeling, when you are watching a sports match featuring your favourite team, and they are on a winning streak - it feels like everything is possible - leagues can be won, trophies can be lifted, coaches and players become heroes. It’s the same in the world of entrepreneurship. When a business starts to take off and it is doing well, when hard-fought contracts are won, cashflow is actually flowing, and employees feel pride in working for the business and brand, life as an entrepreneur feels good - winning feels good! Yet we all know that it takes incredible hard work, guts and determination, and bags of self belief to get to this point. Just as on the sports pitch, it’s a wonderful feeling to be on that winning streak and there is no doubt that it feels easier to solve day to day challenges when business is trending in the positive direction. The trick is to keep the momentum going when you hit the inevitable bumps in the road that will come along. Not every major sports team wins every match every time, and coaches know that a team is only as good as it’s last match. So in business the lesson is to ride with the good times and build up positive momentum that will last when times get tough.